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Una buona barca è tutto ciò che nelle barca non si vede : le linee d’acqua , qualità dello scafo e dei suoi sistemi propulsivi ( piano velico e motore).

Una buona barca deve essere tecnicamente evoluta veloce e facile da condurre ma soprattutto in grado di “riportarti” in porto con qualunque mare e qualunque tempo.

Le imbarcazioni X-Yachts sono questo!

X-Yachts X46 Charter Genova

X-Yachts’ design department has spent a great deal of time working on details that at first glance are not evident. Details such as the recessed seals on lockers, smart and practical door restraints, high-quality seals on the fridge, stainless steel hinges and non-slip elegant flooring, are a few examples.

The detail of work, the choice of teak veneers, furniture fittings and the yacht’s technical specification all  mirror that the X-46 belongs to the new generation of performance cruisers.

X-Yachts X46 Charter Genova

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Foto X-Yachts X46

X-Yachts X46
x-yachts X46 x-yachts X46 x-yachts X46 x-yachts X46 x-yachts X46

X-Yachts X43 Charter Genova

The cockpit layout will appeal to the cruising family and the racing crew alike. The steering system utilising needle roller bearings, and a direct connection to the rudder, results in making the X-43 feel smooth and responsive on the helm.

She accelerates quickly in light airs and remains stiff in a breeze, making her a comfortable, effortless yacht to sail. Features that contribute to this include a long mainsheet traveller which runs low down in the cockpit.

X-Yachts X43 Charter Genova

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Foto X-Yachts X43

X-Yachts X43
x-yachts x43 x-yachts x43 x-yachts x43 x-yachts x43 x-yachts x43