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X-YACHTS X46 Yacht Charter Genova

X-Yachts’ design department has spent a great deal of time working on details that at first glance are not evident. Details such as the recessed seals on lockers, smart and practical door restraints, high-quality seals on the fridge, stainless steel hinges and non-slip elegant flooring, are a few examples.

The detail of work, the choice of teak veneers, furniture fittings and the yacht’s technical specification all  mirror that the X-46 belongs to the new generation of performance cruisers.

The beautifully designed hull portlights will make the X-46 stand out, and allow additional natural light into the aft cabins and the saloon for improved comfort.

The X-46 is available in a Modern or Classic, 3 or 4 cabin version. The galley is perfectly equipped to meet the demands of the host, with plenty of lockers and drawers running on ball bearing tracks.

In the front and aft cabins, the sleeping berths comprise of battens which underlie the cold foam cushions for optimum comfort and ventilation.

No compromises have been made by our designers and engineers to obtain optimum functionality, for example, you may have an optional stationary generator in between the longitudinally bulkheads in the aft cabin. The engine installation has maximum sound insulation with electrical forced air ventilation.

The hull and deck are of sandwich construction, thereby reducing weight where possible. The steel girder takes all the loads from the keel, mast and rig, which allows us to apply higher rig tension than our competitors, giving the X-Yacht increased sailing performance and pleasure.

The heavier components on board have been carefully located to ensure correct centre of gravity and stability, further enhancing the performance of our yachts.

The 3 cabin layout has a sail locker positioned in front of the owner’s cabin with easy access through a deck hatch.

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Foto X-Yachts X46

X-Yachts X46
x-yachts X46 x-yachts X46 x-yachts X46 x-yachts X46 x-yachts X46
x-yachts X46        


Attrezzatura X-Yachts X46

  • Agganci tangone carbonio sulle  murate
  • Bitte a centrobarca
  • Whinches andersen   maggiorati drizze (1 elettrico)
  • Winches genoa maggiorati
    4 estintori
  • Stazione meteo
  • Aria condizionata
  • Impianto  aria calda tutte le cabine e bagno
  • Vhf fisso raymarine 
  • Stazione VHF raymarine   ripetitore in pozzetto
  • Autoradio
  • 2 casse stereo  waterproof in pozzetto
  • Ponte in teck
  • Pompa sentina automatica
  • Prese elettriche 220v nelle cabine
  • Salpancore elettrico
  • Ancora bruce 20 kg +100m catena da 10mm
  • Girella inox ancora-catena
  • Tangone carbonio
  • Attrezzatura spinnaker
  • Atrezzatura su-giu campana tangone
  • Set 4 bozze ormeggio 16mm
  • Scotte genoa spectra
  • 1/2 marinaio telescopico (2)
  • Lazy randa passato dentro albero
  • Attrezzatura spi
  • 6 maniglie winches
  • Dotazioni sicurezza per 12 persone
  • Frigo con piastra afoss basso consumo
  • Valvola gas elettrica con comando in quadrato
  • Life-line in spektra
  • Drizza di rispetto
  • Scotta di rispetto
  • Micronde in quadrato
  • 2° ancora con catena e 50 m. Cima da 12
  • Scotta randa german
  • Golfarini gavone poppa e cala ancora
  • 2° drizza spectra randa
  • Winches drizze  elettrico
  • 4 parabordi a cilindro con calze
  • 4 parabordi a sfera con calze
  • Spray-hood
  • Coperte e cuscini
  • Eco raytheon
  • Log raytheon
  • Stazione vento raytheon
  • Pilota rs  raytheon
  • Multi reytheon
  • Copriranda tela blu+copritimone
  • Zattera iso
  • Kit razzi sicurezza
  • Passerella pieghevole in carbonio con attacco
  • Tendalino smontabile
  • Caricabatterie  80 a/h
  • Cartografia elettronica
  • Radome raython
  • Kit raytheon + raychart per pc
  • Ripetitore raytheon rl70 radar plotter  in pozzetto
  • Gommone con chiglia gonfiabile
  • Fuoribordo 4 cv
  • Rotaia fiocco autovirante con accessori
  • Set pentole completo